Who is Icon Medical, LLC
  • Icon Medical is a company focused on the Sports Medicine Industry, School Health Departments, Recreational Activities, Youth Athletics, Military Bases, Olympic Sports, etc.
  • Icon is deliberate with its sales and marketing action benefiting the patient, the care-giver, the manufacturer and the industry.
  • We are the “difference-maker” since no other company or no one has introduced more products and equipment to the sports medicine industry than the individuals that are Icon Medical.
  • We have traction and history creating the product and equipment demand for some very meaningful products that have proved essential to the industry – Super Foam, Exoclear, Memory Foam, Tweezer Man Implements, Welch Allyn’s Portable ECG and Macroview Otoscope, the Portable Cooler Stand, WaterBoy products, the Cool Cape, Thin Flex Tape, Cutinova Hydro, Foam Mini Kits and so many more.
  • Icon Medical is tactical. We know how to be successful marketing sports medicine products/equipment. Our track record speaks for itself. Our reputation in the industry is unmatched. Our enthusiasm for the business is daunting. We have no “A-Game”. Our “game” is so much more than that.
About Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller is now the manager of Icon Medical LLC.  Christopher is managing the marketing efforts for Icon's clients and managing it's manufacturing and distributor partners.  Christopher comes from a whole career in sales, working for several different companies, in several different industries.   
About John Miller
John Miller founded Icon Medical, after years of experience in the sports medicine business with School Health Corporation and Econoline Products, Inc.  John is now removed from Icon Medical and his brother Christopher has taken over the leadership position.  John now serves as Henry Schein's Director of Athletics & Schools Division.  John may be reached at jn.miller@henryschein.com or 704-965-2575.
About Tom Rokovitz
Tom Rokovitz, otherwise knows as "Tommy Rock", was a co-founder, with Miller, at Icon Medical.  Rock has served the sports medicine industry for a thousand years and is one of the industry's classic salesmen.  He, too, has joined Henry Schein, with Miller, as one of Schein's elite sales personnel.  Tom can be reached at tom.rokovitz@henryschein.com or 904--307-4991.
Icon Medical Department Information

You may visit the following Icon Medical Departments for any information and/or service:

- Executive Management ... 704 814-4629, extension 101

- Administration ... 704 814-4629, extension 102

- Sales Management ... 704 814-4629, extension 201 

- Marketing Department ... 704 814-4629, extension 202

- Customer Service Department ... 704 814-4629, extension 203

- Facilities Management ... 704 814-4629, extension 301

- Logistics Department ... 704 814-4629, extension 302

- Fabrication Division ... 704 814-4629, extension 303

- Legal Department ... 704 814-4629, extension 401

- Fun Department ... 704 814-4629, extension 501