BSN medical, Inc.

BSN medical, Inc. is one of the sports medicine industry's oldest and most important manufacturers.  BSN, once Beiersdorf, has introduced and provided many outstanding products for athletic training, athlete rehabilitation, compression wear, casting/splinting and wound management.  Some of the BSN favorite products, over their long history in the business, are Lightplast Pro, Coverlet Bandages, Cover-Roll, Unna's Boot, Leukotape P.

BSN introduced some new products in 2010 that are paramount for your athletic training room and the care of your athletes.

Lightplast Cohesive Tape ... black or white, 2 or 3 inch, 6 yard length, identical to Andover's PowerFlex, only Lightplast Cohesive is 99 cents less expensive per case.  Big savings and excellent quality.  Contact us for samples of Lightplast Cohesive Tape. 

- Coverlet Extra Large Patch ... just like the other well-known Coverlet Patch products only larger; slightly larger than the J&J Extra Large Bandaid.  Now you can buy all Coverlets and enjoy Coverlet quality with every size, shape and variety of bandage.

- Leukomed Family of Wound Dressiong ... Leukomed, Leukomed T, Leukomed T Plus; fantastic wound dressings, offering many sizes, offering 3 different styles.  Bandage compares with Tega-Derm or Cosmospore.  Better price with BSN quality.  Please let us know if you would like to sample these wound dressings.

BSN medical, Inc.


BSN Sports Medicine Products
Leukomed Sterile Wound Dressings
Coverlet Extremely Absorbent Bandages

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