DS2 Platform System



The revolutionary DS2 Platform is a multiple patent pending product that takes traditional exercises to a new level.  This versatile tool can be used tof patient-controlled stretching or strengthening of the rotator cuff and scapular muscles with minimal weight bearing or loading through the shoulder.  This feature makes the DS2 ideal for post-operative rehabilitation.  Exercises can be enhanced by adding resistive bands and by placing the user in various positions.  In addition, the patient can be challenged by introducing upper extremity and core exercises in a push-up position or adding in lower extremity exercises to get the full body experience. 


- Used by professional athletes, athletic trainers and physical therapists

- Can be used on the wall, on a table or on the floor

- Excellent for post-operative rehabilitation

- Used for range of motion, rhythmic oscillations, PNF patterns, or end-stage return-to-play ballistic movements

- Closed-Chain exercises can performed in unloaded and loaded positions

- Ideal for training "overhead" athletes


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