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Histoacryl Tissue Seal Features & Benefits

Why many health profesionals say Histoacryl Tissue Seal is the best FDA approved surgical skin adhesive in the industry ...

1. Tissue Seal has a long slender applicator which allows the user to apply the skin adhesive in any manner making it very versatile unlike an ampule applicator

2. Tissue Seal dries faster than any other FDA approved surgical skin adhesive.

3. Tissue Seal is approximately $9.00 less expensive per vial when compared to the industry leader.

4. Most importantly, Tissue Seal is "moisture activated" meaning it doesn't go to work until it touches the skin. All of the competitive brands are "air activated" which means once they're opened they can no longer be used because they will dry-out once they are opened. Tissue Seal will continue to be usable since it does not dry-out when opened and only is activated once touching the skin. Therefore, there is no waste and it can be re-used on that same patient until the vial is emptied.


Histoacryl Topical Skin Adhesive

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