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FOSFREE - Performance

Helps stop major muscle cramping in cramp prone athletes.  In addition to Calcium, FOSFREE provides a comprehensive vitamin formula along with Iron.  With more soluble forms of Calcium, FOSFREE balances the Calcium Phosphorus ratio resulting to help prevent low-Calcium related leg cramps.

Triple Calcium Formula plus Iron .  Calcium (351mg), Iron (14.5mg), & Vitamin Tablet

Available in:  Single Dose Packaging (2 count/50 per box) & Bottles (1,000 count)

Heat Guard - Sodium and Potassium Chloride Supplement - Sports Drink in a Pill

Heat Guard is your first line of defense in the prevention of heat-induced fatigue and performance loss.  In addition to Sodium and Chloride, Heat Guard contains Potassium.  The unique wax matrix provides Slow Release, up to five hours, of the active ingredients to prevent "dose dumping" and provide a continuous trickle of electrolytes throughout workout or game situations.  Convenient, easy to use and much less expensive than electrolyte drinks.

Slow Release Electrolyte Replacement

- Two tablet dosage of Slow Release with 4 to 6 hours of dissolution avoids upset stomach

- Contains no sugars, additives or micro-nutrients

- Combine with FOSFREE to help reduce muscle cramping

- Sodium (326mg), Potassium (99.1mg) & Chloride (588mg) Tablet

Provides a steady release of electrolytes over the course of a practice or competition.  Used by professional, collegiate and amateur athletes since 1972. 

- No sweeteners or artificial colors

- No fructose, corn syrup glucose or sugar

- No "spike and crash"

- Fewer doses translates to lower cost

Available in:  Single Dose Packaging (2 count/50 per box) & Bottles (1,000 count)


THERA-GESIC - Pain Relieving Creme

THERA-GESIC penetrates rapidly providing analgesic effect to soothe sore muscles, joints and tendons.  THERA-GESIC is a water-based, greaseless and water washable formula that does not stain uniforms or equipment.  Excellent coupling medium for therapeutic ultrasound. 

Maximum Strength Analgesic Cream (1% Menthol & 15% Methyl Salicylate)

THERA-GESIC packaging options: 

- 1/8 oz. packages/175 per box

- 3 oz tubes (sold individually)

- 5 oz tubes (sold individually)

- 1 lb dispensers (sold individually)

* The Mission Pharmacal Products may be purchased from your favorite Sports Medicine Supplier - A-Athletic, Alert Services, Centennial Sales, Collins Sports Medicine, Dynatronics, Henry Schein, Medco Sports Medicine, Shoreline, Sports Heatlh and others.


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