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At Pepin Manufacturing, we understand that not all medical electrodes are created equal. Pepin Manufacturing, Inc. is an ISO / CE Certified Manufacturer, and is FDA Registered with over 20 years experience in the electrotherapy market.  PMI uses it’s technical knowledge to create the highest quality electrodes using only the best materials and most advanced processes. 

Now Icon Medical is a Pepin Master Distributor and will market and distribute the Pepin electrode line of products to the sports medicine and physical therapy industries.  The Pepin electrodes are far superior than those we have been using in the sports medicine industry.  I have demostrated these electrodes many times for many people and every time I get the same jaw-dropping reaction.  We have been accustomed to using electrodes that do not disperse throughout the entire surface of the electrode.  Pepin's electrodes do.  We are accustomed to using low conductive electrodes.  Pepin's are not.  These new electrodes will allow a much better treatment and experience for the patient being treated because of the conductivity and dispersing qualities of Pepin's manufacturing.  The patient outcome is so much better because of the conductivity and dispersion improvement.  And, on top of it all, the Pepin electrodes are less expensive; better performance and better price for both Electrotherpy Electrodes and Iontophoresis Electrodes.   

There are two Electrotherapy Styles to consider:

1. Advantrode - very high quality, superior conductive, tremendous dispersion qualities

2. ProSportTrode - excellent quality, highly conductive, superb dispersion, economically priced

I can't wait for you to use the Pepin Manufacturing electrodes.  They are so much better than what we have used in our industry for years.  When you place your next electrode order please contact your favorite sports medicine supplier and ask them for the Pepin electrodes from Icon Medical.  I know you will not only be very satisfied but you will be very impressed.  

Contact John Miller at Icon Medical if you have any further questions about the electrodes manufactured by Pepin.


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