The Quick Board


The Quick Board Advantage:
- Quickly introduce into atheltic and rehab programs with easy-to-use software
- Collect daily diagnoztics to gauge athletes' in/orr season training
- Objectively track rehab to assist in return-to-play
- Enhance neurological training effect leading to increased performance
- Scientifically proven to increase overall agility thourgh neurmuscular training
- Download results to any PC or Mac and track athletes' progress
- Has maximum durability to hold athletes 350+ pounds
- Offers professionals the ability to test large groups of athletes quickly
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The Quick Board Applications:

Captures long-term data to track an athlete's speed and monitor for over-training.  Provides another variable with baseline datae that may be used to aid in concussion testing.  Learn More

Replicates game situations by requiring athletes to focus their eyes in front of them while performing drills.  Seeing instant feedback motivates athletes to improve drill results and creates a more competitive environment. Learn More

Rehabilitation both neurologically and physically.  Takes the "guesswork" out of return-to-play decisions with the objective data collected.  Learn More 

The Quick Board system features:
- Touchscreen Tablet
- High Impact Sensor Board
- Adapter Cable to synch Touchscreen Tablet and Sensor Board
- Results can be saved on Tablet and/or uploaded to PC or Mac
- Download The Quick Board software version from the Android Market or Apple Store

Buy your Quick Board from the following sports medicine suppliers:
- Henry Schein
- School Health
- Alert Services

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