Pro Quaternary in the Shower Area

In this Icon Movie Short, watch Tommy Rock demonstrate the proper way to use Clorox Pro Quaternary while cleaning and disinfecting the shower area.  Notice the rich foamy lather produced by the Pro Quat and its associated equipment. 

Clorox Pro Quaternary kills 99.999% of all germs and can be used in many other areas of the athletic training room, strength and conditioning area, the wrestling mat, turf fields, your wet areas, etc.  Pro Quat is packaged as a concentrate and is sold in gallon quantities.  Make sure you also purchase the Diltuion Gun and/or Foamer so you can dilute and use Pro Quaternary as recommended.

You can purchase Clorox Pro Quaternary from any of your favorite sports medicine distirbutors.  Please click the tab located on the Home Page for distributor information.

Clorox Pro Quatenary in the Shower