Tom presents Clorox Pro Quaternary

In this Icon Movie Short, Tom Rokovitz presents and demonstrates using Clorox Pro Quaternary to disinfect many areas of the athletic training room; including the proper process for cleaning the training room whirlpool with Pro Quat.

We are continuosly asked for our cleaning recommendations for the training room whirlpool and now we can confidently advised you to use Clorox Pro Quaternary for its disinfecting capability and cleaning benefit. The great news is Pro Quat can be used to disinfect and kill germs in so many areas of the athletic training room, the locker room, the shower area, the strength and conditioning area, turf fields, wrestling mats, etc.

Pro Quaternary is sold as a concentrate, in a one gallon container which makes 128 gallons of usable disinfecting product. It is recommended you use the Pro Quaternary Dilution Gun to dilute the concentrate properly and accurately.

You may purchase Clorox Pro Quaternary from any of your favorite Sports Medicine Distributors.

Clorox Pro Quatenary Introduction



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