Icon Sales Promotions & News

December 2015 ... Tommy Rock leaves Icon Medical

Tom Rokovitz, the famous sports medicine "pitchman" and longtime colleague of John Miller, has decided to jump back into the world of sports medicine distribution and join the Henry Schein Sales Team as one of its National Accounts Managers.  Tom decided to make the change because of his love for the distribution side of the business and fulfilling the customers needs from soup-to-nuts.  Icon Medical will miss Tom and all his work and energy.  Thanks for everything Rock!

October 2015 ... Kevin's Wife has a Baby Girl

Kevin Martin, owner of The Quick Board and client of Icon Medical, and his wife Elise announce the birth of their first born, Adaela Madison Martin, a 7 pound 9 ounce, 20 inch bundle of joy.  Congratulations to the Martins.

June 2015 ... Big Shows mean Big Results

Icon Medical is going big or go home.  We're attending more trade shows, meetings and conferences than ever before.  I goal is to reach more athletic trainers than we have in the past and educate them on the fine products we represent.  We just have too many great lines and we so many that just have not been exposed to them yet.  This is the year.  Come find us.  Come see us.  We will be all of the United States from North Carolina to California, from Texas to Montana. 

June 2015 ... Best Sports Medicine Company 2015

Icon Medical is names BEST Sports Medicine Company in 2015 for the 4th year in a row.  What an honor.  We are so proud.  We have no idea how we keep winning this award, but we hope to continue doing whatever it is that our customers love.  Thanks for the award.  We are so honored.

February 2014 ... LightCure and the LightForce Lasers

Icon Medical now represents the best laser equipment in the industry - the laser equipment from LightCure - the LightForce Pro and the LightForce EX.  The feedback from the athletic trainers and physical therapists using the LightForce Lasers is positively off the chart.  They are seeing therapeutic results that they have never witnessed.  The Class IV LightForce EX Laser is the laser you will want to purchase because of the design, the technology, ease of use and most of all its results.

December 2013 ... Icon working with Zimmer

Yes; Icon and Zimmer are teaming up to make sure the world of sports medicine and physical therapy know all about the great products manufactured by Zimmer.  Look for our announcements early in 2014.

November 2013 ... KERR Collar BOGO

Buy one Kerr Collar and get another FREE.  Kerr Sports is offering this once in a life time promotion so you can provide neck injury protection for at least two football players for the price of only one Kerr Collar.  We know how valuable this equipment can be for your football players.  Try it; the will never play football without it again.  Contact us for more information.  One free Kerr Collar per customer.

September 2013 ... The Quick Board is iPad capable

Yessiree: The Quick Board and all its components all have iPad capability.  The iPad adapter and Apple software are ready to be purchased and used.  Many of the customers interested in the Quick Board technology and products were waiting on iPad capability.  Order now.  We're ready. 

August 2013 ... SF-7X Super Fruit joins Icon Medical and its fantastic team of Manufacturer Partners

SF-7X Super Fruit is "Competition Nutrition".  Super Fruit offer your athletes a good, nutritious product that equals 2 servings of fruit per pouch.  It comes in 3 flavors - strawberry, raspberry and watermelon.  100% natural and rich in antioxidants.  Great for food snacks during workouts and competition.  Click on the SF-7X Super Fruit TAB and learn more.  

July 2013 ... DS2 Rehab System Special

Save $50 on your purchase of a DS2 Rehab System until August 31, 2013.  The NATA Special Promo has been extended until the end of August.  Order yours now and take your shoulder rehab to the next level and save $50 too.

June 2013 ... NEW from the Quick Board

The Quick Board company has announced the combination of the Quick Board technology and the Shuttle MVP to create the Quick Shuttle.  Now you can use your Shuttle MVP and program the drill/exercise you want performed and then receive all the important data and results.  This is revolutionary.  You have got to see it in action.  Everyone that has a Shuttle MVP will want to upgrade their equipment by purchasing the new Quick Shuttle Plate to enhance the rehab and performance productivity for their athletes. 

June 2013 ... Huge NATA - Booth 1047

The Icon Booth was slammed from the beginning of the NATA until the very end.  This is the best NATA we've experienced in years.  Thanks to all those who stopped by the booth to learn more about the product lines we rep and for those who didn't come by the booth you need to contact us.  We have the most popular sports medicine products and equipment on the market; they're HOT!  You have got to know what we do and the companies we work with.  Our product lines are lighting up the whole industry.  We've got some new ones and we have some fantastic old ones.  Call us.  We are on FIRE!

May/June 2013 ... Icon Medical Greatest Hits Volume 1 CD

Tom and John have attended, sponsored, presented and displayed at industry trade shows, collegiate conference medical meetings, sports medicine conferences across the United States introducing some of the best products of the sports medicine and physical therapy industries.  You can get this information too.  Just contact Icon Medical 704 814-4629 and ask for your Icon Medical Greatest Hits Volume 1 CD.  Our greatest hits CD contains all the information you need to learn more about the product lines we represent.  Order yours today!

April 2013 ... Impact Athletic is back!

The great company that created and manufactured the Impact Athletic training room furnishings is back.  That is correct.  Now you can purchase your very own Medic XL Portable Training Table and more.  The new owners of Impact Athletic have already introduced a few more fabulous furnishings for your athletic training room.  Please visit the TAB for Impact Athletic.  Impact Athletic is Icon's newest manufacturer partner and we are delighted to have them back with us.  We remain very impressed with the products they produce because of their unique design and impeccable construction.

March 2013 ... Kerr Sports unveils the KERR COLLAR

Kerr Sports has invented the new standard in neck protection - the KERR COLLAR.  Helmets are for head protection.  Shoulder pads are for shoulder protection.  The KERR COLLAR is for neck protection.  This medically and anatomically designed neck protective gear absorbs the pressure on the neck in collisions playing football.  The KERR COLLAR can be used by football players and lacrosse players.  Click on the tab for Kerr Sports and learn more.

March 2013 ... BSN Tensoplast is the best deal today

Make a change; buy BSN's Tensoplast.  It's the exact same quality, adhesive, material, tensile strength as J&J Elastikon, but approximately $7.50 less per case.  Tensoplast (formerly Elastoplast) is BSN's answer to any of the other Heavy Stretch Tapes on the market.  BSN has held the price for another year.  Take advantage of this great savings and use Tensoplast.  All of your favorite sports medicine suppliers can provide Tensoplast for you.

January 2013 ... DS2 Rehab Systems offers Valentine's Day Special

Buy a DS2 Rehab System from now until Valentine's Day and get a $50 rebate from the manufacturer.  You can buy your DS2 Rehab System from your favorite sports medicine supplier.  Send us a copy of your purchase order or invoice and we'll send you $50 and a box of chocolates.  Get your DS2 Rehab System now; the best new shoulder rehab tool int he business.  www.ds2rehabsystems.com

December 2012 ... Who won the Icon Medical Car Giveaway

On December 24th my daughter, Cannon, drew a name from a box, full of entries, from those who had registered to win since June, a Classic 1979 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible.  She drew Brad Swope; a certified athletic trainer from Hendersonville, TN.  Brad has been a long time friend of the sports medicine industry and a terrific athletic trainer.  We are so happy for Brad and we are thrilled that Brad uses many of the lines that Icon Medical represents to the sports medicine industry.  Enjoy the car Brad.  Congratulations.

October 2012 ... In-Motion Crutch Bag Promo

Get your FREE Millennial Medical In-Motion Crtuch Bag when you purchase 2 pair of MIllennial Medical In-Motion Crutches.  Purchase the best crutches in the business and receive a crutch bag FEE.  The promotion is available throught your favorite sports medicine distributor.  Verify your purchase by sending Millennial Medical a copy of your purchase order.  This promotion will expire December 31st.

August 2012 ... Icon lands contract with the DS2 Platform Rehab System

The newest rehab equipment in the industry is the rehab system for shoulder rehabilitation called the DS2 Platform.  The equipment and videos and instructional information can be viewed on their website www.ds2rehabsustems.com .  This is going to be a device that is used in all rehab facilities - sports medicine, athletic training rooms, physical therapy clinics, performance training facilities, etc.  Its ease of use and broad range of exercises give the care-giver and patient a variety of exercises for shoulder improvement.  it's a "must-buy".

June 2012 ... Icon Medical Car Give-Away

Icon Medical announces a national promotion, sponsored by its manufacturer partners - BSN medical, Burt's Bees, Clorox, Evoshield, FLA Orthopedics, Tissue Seal, Millennial Medical, Mission Pharmacal, NeckX, PediFix, Pepin Manufacturing, the Quick Board and Ultra Ankle.  You can win a Classic VW Convertible Beetle by registering on the Icon Medical website.  Certified Athletic Trainers are eligible to win.  It won't cost you a dime.  Register and win. 

April 2012 ... Buy 2 In-Motion Crutches for only $99 

Millennial Medical is offering 2, yes 2, In-Motion pairs of crutches for only $99.00.  Pay $99.00 and get 2 pair of In-Motion Crutches.  That's what I said.  I know it's crazy.  They're normally around $74.00/pair.  This is an unheard of sales opportunity so you better take advantage of it and send your order in now.  Contact your favorite sports medicine supplier and place your order today.  This promotion will only last thru the month of April.  All of our distributors are participating in this promotion.  Select our website's Sales Promo Tab and read more. 

January 2012 ... New from PediFix - The PediFix Cabinet

Wouldn't you love to have a PediFix Cabinet on your counter-top to organize and store your PediFix gel products for the comfort of feet and hands.  This three drawer cabinet boasts drawer adjusting ability and plenty of storage space for your PediFix gel items.  Contact us at Icon to get our PediFix Cabinet.

January 2012 ... Evoshield joins Icon Medical

Icon Medical announces a new Manufacturer Partner member - Evoshield.  Evoshield manufactures ultra lightweight body protection padding for athletes of all ages and all levels.  It's designed to withstand extreme impact, is constructed of the most durable materials and guaranteed to last.  Visit www.evoshield.com  for loads of information.


October 2011 ... Ultra Athlete & Medco Sports Medicine team up with special Ankle Brace Sales Promotion

For a limited time, 10-15-11 thru 12-15-11, you can buy twelve Ultra Ankle 2 or twelve Zoom Ankle Braces from Medco Sports Medicine and get three FREE.  Yes; you just read this correctly.  Buy twelve and get three FREE.   See these two new ankle braces from Ultra Athlete by clicking the Ultra Athlete tab.  Medco carries both braces and is ready to take your orders.  Let us know if you have questions about this sales promotion.  Get them while they're FREE.

September 2011 ... The Quick Board signs contract with Icon Medical

September 2011 ... NeckX closes big deal with Icon Medical

July 2011 ... Miller receives SCATA President's Award and inducted as SCATA Honorary Member

John Miller, of Icon Medical, formerly with School Health Corporation, formerly owner of Econoline Products, was awarded the President's Award from the South Carolina Athletic Trainers' Association at the July SCATA Conference in Columbia, SC.  SCATA also inducted Miller as an Honorary Member of the association making him the second inductee that is not a SCATA Athletic Trainer joining Chris Patrick, of the University of Florida, as the only other member with this distinction. 

June 2011 ... BSN medical, Inc. - Sports Medicine Dealer Lightplast Pro Special

BSN is offering its sports medicine dealers a tremendous special buying offer for any of their Lightplast Pro Tape products - 2 or 3 inch, 5 or 7.5 yard. white of black.  Huge purchasing opportunity that has never been so strong.  All distributors should take advantage of this promotion.  Available thru July 15th.


June 2011 ... Icon Medical at the National Athletic Trainers Association National Convention

New Orleans, LA; 11,000+ athletic trainers in attendance; hundreds of sports medicine vendors displaying their products and equipment at the NATA.  And then there was Icon Medical right in the middle of the exhibit hall showing off its fantastic and overly large exhibit booth made up of 12 of its strategic manufacturer partners - BSN medical, FLA, Mission Pharmacal, ThermoActive, PediFix, Clorox, Burt's Bees, Millennial Medical, Impact Athletic, MR CUBE, Histoacryl Tissue Seal and Pepin Manufacturing.  We had a great convention.  The booth was wild with excitement and interest in all the product lines and equipment that Icon Medical represents.  Prizes were awarded each day, much information was shared, samples were ordered and changes were made by athletic trainers who realized the perfect products for their athletic training room were right there in the Icon Medical booth.  One of the best overall NATA Conventions we have ever attended.

April 2011 ... Clorox Pro Quaternary Starter Kit



Ongoing & Forever ... Clorox Pro Quaternary is not only the number one best disinfectant to use to clean and disinfect your athletic training room, weight room, shower area, wrestling mat, etc. but it is also extremely economic because it is packaged as a gallon concentrate and when diluted properly makes 128 gallons of useful product with a shelf-life, even after being diluted, of 1 year. Clorox offers its Pro Quaternary customers the Pro Quat Starter Kit free of charge which includes: the Dilution Gun, the Wall Rack and 6 Labelled Spray Bottles. Call us for more information or ask your favorite sports medicine distributor. We'll ship your Pro Quat Starter Kit to you so you are equipped, organized and ready to kill germs and pathogens.

April 11, 2011 thru April 15, 2011 ... BSN Medical Special Offer

BSN medical's sports medicine distributors are eligible to participate in this terrific purchasing opportunity to stock-up now on inventory that their customers love to buy and use. Save money on the Spring Special discounted product offers. Call John Miller for more information (704 965-2575).

April 2011 ... BSN medical, Inc. Spring Special

February 2011 ... NATA ATEC Conference - Washington, DC - Clorox Winners

Icon Medical, along with its manufacturer partner Clorox, drew five winners at the NATA ATEC Conference to receive the Clorox Sampler Package for their university curriculum programs.  This Clorox Sampler includes - Pro Quaternary, Anywhere Hard Surface Cleaner, Disinfecting Wipes (tub, To-Go Packs), Hand Sanitizer (2oz., 500ml.).  What a great way to train and educate the future of the sports medicine industry by using the best products for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting the athletic training room and the rest of the athletic facilities and university.

                      And the winners are ...

                                     - Shari Bartz-Smith, Program Director, Grand Valley State University

                                     - William Carr, Program Director, University of Kansas

                                     - Phil Ford, Faculty, Azusa Pacific University

                                     - Tona Hetzler, Program Director, Missouri State University

                                     - Dustin Briggs, Assistant Athletic Trainer/Instructor, Central College

                       Congratulations to the winners. 

January 2011 ... Ultra Athlete contracts with Icon Medical

Rick Peters, most recognized for his Active Ankle invention, has done it again with the introduction of two new ankle braces - the Ultra 2 and the Zoom.  No; the Ultra 2 and Zoom are not just another ankle brace.  They are lighter, more comfortable, more conforming and just better.  Their functionality is outstanding and your athletes will find them truly comfortable.  The current sports medicine distributors carrying these ankle braces are Collins Sports Medicine, School Health Corporation and Medco Sports Medicine.  Call us and we'll share all of the features and benefits of the Ultra 2 and Zoom. 704 814-4629.

January 2011 ... Mission Pharmacal joins Icon Medical

One of our long-time friends of the sports medicine industry has joined Icon Medical as one of Icon's manufacturer partners. Icon is excited about working with Mission Pharmacal and will represent 3 of Mission's top products that have been used in the business for decades - THERA-GESIC, FOSFREE and Heat Guard. For more information please tab to Sports Medicine; then Manufacturers; then Mission Pharmacal and learn more about Mission Pharmacal and their products.


November 1, 2010 thru December 31, 2010 ...

Buy a full set of ThermoActive Cold & Hot Compression Supports and get your ThermoActive Carry-All Kit FREE from PyGel, the makers of the ThermoActive product line. Call your favorite sports medicine distributor for details or just contact us at Icon Medical (704 814-4629).

November 2010 ... ThermoActive Impact Offer

November 9, 2010 thru November 19, 2010 ... All sports medicine distributors are eligible to participate in this BSN purchasing promotion.  Please contact John Miller (704 965-2575) if you are interested in participating. 

November 2010 ... BSN Medtrade Special Pricing